Linch COMPUTER nETWORK sERVICES was founded on the belief

that our services and recommendations should always be in the best interest of the customer. As their “Advocate” we position solutions that best satisfy their needs and requirements. Our Company Culture as a “Customer Advocate” permeates our entire organization and every employee is trained to perform each task from this basic precept. Acting as a Turnkey Solutions provider for companies of all sizes, we direct our focus on the sales and support of PC Based Networks, with additional offerings for Security and Software Solutions. Our “Proven and Tested” solutions provide the critical foundation and direction that distinguishes us from the competition.

Linch COMPUTER nETWORK sERVICES was established IN 1997.

Our distinctive service in this highly competitive field has been characterized by customized solutions geared to the individual client’s needs. Utilizing “test environments” to establish exact specifications for your unique requirements ensures successful integration with existing systems. Our asset tracking, configuration, documentation, software renewal tracking and notification systems provide our clients with the peace of mind they need in these challenging areas.

lINCH strives to balance Leading-Edge Technology Innovation

with a highly efficient and systemized service model establishing our company as the “bench mark” for IT Service. Our clients always know what to expect from their experience with LCNS. We will continue to provide innovative and highly effective solutions based on our recognized “cost to benefit” solution that will keep our customers satisfied for years.

Linch Now Providing Backup and Disaster Recovery

Linch’s Backup and Disaster Recovery utilizes a technology that provides business continuity and data restoration for existing physical or virtual Windows servers or desktops. LinchBDR is a lightweight software agent which mirrors the contents of the Windows machine to an on premise or cloud server on a near real-time basis.